About Us

As Middle Eastern shoppers are extremely price-sensitive* and very promotions-driven, it is imperative for brands and retailers to innovate and stand out with creative and unprecedented yet measurable, with tangible results, promo campaigns.

Integral Shopper designs intelligent promo solutions that influence shoppers' behaviour and deliver data, which can be analyzed and used to assess the success rate of the campaign. Our solutions are objective oriented and deliver precise results. They are creative, yet based on proven success examples from Western markets, adapted to local peculiarities. Not only we provide the expertise, but we also have access to exclusive resources. 

  • Integral Shopper is the only couponing, clearing company in the Middle East
  • We are at the core of the relationship between brands and retailers
  • Our solutions are innovative, disruptive and influence shopper behaviour

Our Presence

We focus on the Middle Eastern region. However, our digital solutions have no borders!


Integral Shopper follows the form of a circle, indicating that our innovative solutions connect brands and shoppers in a simple, clear and easy manner.

Simplicity is complexity resolved, as the modernist artist Brancusi said.

Integral Shopper will help you to bring simplicity in your promotional activities. Converting what you thought is not feasible or possible, into easy and simple consumer promotion.

Our People

We are a team of young, creative, smart and motivated people who like their job! We aim to fulfil our client’s objectives through high-quality service, offering bespoke solutions.

*Nielsen, 2018